Printing Industry Solutions

We produce cardboard stripping machines and glue machines for the Printing Sector.

Although the importance of the printing industry seems to have decreased in today's digital world, the packaging industry has entered a rapid upward trend with the increase of online sales.

As GDF Engineering, we entered the sector with the Cardboard Sorting Machine.

Currently, ours is the only Cardboard Stripping Machine in the market with self-automatic chain tensioning.

It has been developed with Erzurumluoğlu machine, the well-established company of the printing industry.

It has been put into use as a result of two years of R&D and testing.

We are working on the development of glue spraying machines with Erzurumluoğlu machine.

How Do We Manage Projects?

Müşteri istekleri analizi

Müşteri ziyaretleri ve devamında yapılacak toplantılar ile analiz yapılır

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Kavramsal Tasarım

Müşteri istekleri doğrultusunda kavramsal tasarım yapılır ve ön onay alınır

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Fiyat Teklifi

Opsiyonlar çıkartılır ve fiyat teklifi sununulur

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Anlaşma ve süreç

Müşteri ile ticari anlaşma yapılır ödeme alınır

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Üretim ve teslim

Ürün tasarım krıterlerine sadık kalınarak üretilir ve zamanında teslim edilir

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Printing Industry Solutions Machines

Karton Ayıklama Makinası

Karton kenar kesme, karton sıyırma, Karton ayıklama makinasına mı ihtiyacınız var? GDF Mühendislik ekibi tarafından geliştirilmiş, 2 yıl sektörde uzman firmalar tarafından denenmiş...


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Other solutions

Complete system assembly line design, project and manufacturing

All kinds of system automation services from press automation to complex system automation

Machines and systems that allow the adjustment of the antifreeze water mixture ratio and dosing in certain amounts

We produce specific solutions for agricultural machinery. We produce hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic solutions especially for tractors. We would like to assist you in new product design and existing product designs with our expert R&D staff.

Denim It is a durable fabric used in sportswear, especially in jeans. The sector developed rapidly after the 1960s. As a result of this development, various washing techniques emerged. Different patterns and colors could be given to the fabric. Turkey was founded after the 1990 planting and quickly wash jeans workshops. There was a lot of water use and environmentally harmful chemicals. As GDF Engineering, we offer fast and cost effective products to the industry needs.