Line Trolley wheel tapered

It is a specially designed durable and safe line car wheel used in many assembly lines, especially automotive and agricultural machinery.
It is made of completely filled material. 2 local ORS brand bearings are used in the wheel hub. The movement mechanism on the upper part of the wheel is made mobile with 8 mm special steel ball. It has a load carrying capacity of 2 tons per wheel. The surface of the material can be coated with zinc phosphate dacromet depending on the request. If desired, it can be painted with oven paint in the colors you specify. The most important feature of the product is that it can pass through washing and phosphate coating baths safely, as the balls and bearings are protected by felt o-ring.

Machine Operation Logic

Machine Specifications

Load carrying capacity : 2 Tonnes
Malzeme : SAE 1040 İmalat çeliği
Tekerlek Çapı : 230 cm

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